Special Projects


The "Africa Special" Project made its first approaches in Mozambique, South Africa, Angola and S. Tome and Principe. However, a second phase is intended to be gradually implemented in other countries across the African continent.

This project consists of three major features, with the following main goals:

  • Promote the image and the business opportunities that African countries offer;
  • Create conditions for the training of Africans in business matters;
  • Encourage entrepreneurs from all over the world (especially young ones) to invest in Africa.

1st feature - Production of a TV Programme, on a weekly broadcast basis for the entire international community

This programme is already being produced and its aim is to provide examples of successful native entrepreneurs, governors and profit and non profit organizations, and to showcase business opportunities. One of the major objectives of this programme is to attract investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to see Africa with other eyes. The eyes of opportunity!

2nd feature - Creation of Entrepreneurial Campuses and Intelligence Centres

Facilities for the establishment of company offices and small non-polluting industries; business schools, training and competence centres (where the experts in African markets and the campus management/coordination staff will be accommodated), hotel, households and supporting infrastructures such as sport centres, restaurants, among others.

The main purpose of these campuses is to create conditions to foreign and national entrepreneurs to initiate their businesses, providing investment support, low costs at an early stage of activity, quality and comfort and also to promote cooperation, partnerships and associations among natives and foreigners. Training courses, seminars, trade fairs, exhibitions and other events will be permanently held.

3rd feature - Evaluation of the Project, Quality Control, Encouragement and Promotion of the best Personalities and Practices

We intend to produce an Annual Ceremony to which several candidates will be nominated by their deeds in the African countries involved in the "Africa Special" Project, across different areas: entrepreneurs, governors, profitable or non profitable organizations, among others.

In the eve of the Annual Ceremony, a seminar will be held in the presence of the project's partners in order to proceed to an evaluation, reflection and definition of goals to be achieved in the following stage.

To become a partner of the "African Special" Project, you only have to be a profitable or non profitable organization, an embassy or a governmental organism.