• Formação


    The Educational and Training Programs for Executives unit of CASBI Group aims to transfer to our customers all the knowledge, skills and capabilities inherent to the approach, methods and tools developed and/or established by the CASBI Group.

    The essential purpose of this unit is to allow our customers to become completely independent and self-sufficient. To this effect, we develop and provide (through our services or through the services of our selected partners) a wide range of educational and training programs for executives.

  • Design, Comunicação e Marketing


    The Design, Communication & Marketing Services unit of CASBI Group helps our ccustomers discover, understand and explore their intrinsic characteristics and values - their identity - in order to reach, or even surpass, their commercial and strategic objectives. The concepts we develop serve as a backdrop for everything, and it is through these concepts that we find the most appealing, simple and effective way to communicate the essence of each customer's image to their constituency.

  • Corporate Management


    The Corporate Management unit of CASBI Group is state-of-the art. Through this service we work together and help governments, institutions and enterprises so that they can improve their methods, reduce losses, motivate people, decrease costs and increase earnings and profits.

  • Nossos Serviços


    Inspired by our mission, supported by our values and having our exclusive concepts and methods as their basis, the CASBI Group offers a range of high quality services through a team of highly competent and experienced professionals.

    Our various services are provided by five specialized units, so as to facilitate and direct the communication with our customers and partners.

  • Special Projects


    The "Africa Special" Project made its first approaches in Mozambique, South Africa, Angola and S. Tome and Principe. However, a second phase is intended to be gradually implemented in other countries across the African continent.

    This project consists of three major features, with the following main goals:

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